Frequently Asked Fresno Human Resources Questions

We receive many questions all of the time about the CoreHR Team and our services.  Here is a list of the frequently asked questions that we receive.

If you don’t see a question you may have, please contact us with your question.

Can my business afford your services?

Absolutely.  We tailor our packages to fit the needs of your specific organization.  We always start with an HR audit so that we can priortize your needs and develop solutions to fit your budget.  With CoreHR you get legal expertise, without the law firm price.  Contact us for pricing information or to set up a personal appointment.

Is CoreHR different from other consulting firms?

Yes. ​CoreHR’s experience and philosphy sets us apart form other consulting firms.  We combine our legal knowledge and practical HR experience to bring our clients pragmatic and realistic solutions to HR needs and legal compliance.  Our collaborative approach allows our clients to focus on their Core business, while we focus on HR.

Why Choose CoreHR Team?
    1. CoreHR Team combines both legal and practical experience to develop solutions to workforce problems. Law firms have legal expertise, and consulting firms may (or may not) have practical experience. CoreHR Team brings you both, but without the law firm expense. Our solutions are developed with knowledge and experience from the courtroom as well as real-world been there done that experience from behind an HR manager’s desk.
    2. We are local and can tailor solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our solutions are not one-size-fits all, but rather based on what will work for your organization and culture. We believe in working face-to-face with our clients, getting to know them and their specific situation so we can provide no more and no less than what they need. We travel to your business to better understanding your working environment.  Fresno, Clovis, Hanford, Visalia – We’ll come to you!
    3. CoreHR Team offers a broad range of services. These include: customized employee handbooks, unlimited on-demand HR support, HR & legal compliance training, ADA & leave compliance, wage and hour compliance, workplace investigations, strategic business planning, and privacy and data security planning.
Why do I need to worry about HR?

Did you know that the average cost of defending an employment-related claim is $150,000? We understand that you want to focus on your business, but you can’t afford to ignore your company’s most costly and valuable resource: your employees.  The law is complicated and changes constantly.  Keeping up with the requirements of the law isn’t easy and distracts you from your business.  Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not a defense.  Don’t let one lawsuit ruin your entire business.  Let us help.