Disability and leave regulations are not just a “big company” problem. All California businesses with 5 or more employees have legal obligations and need to understand their risks. Federal and state disability laws can touch every aspect of your business, from hiring to the size of your front door. Our experts know the law and can work with you to achieve compliance.

Reasonable AccommodationsMental illness

The law requires employers to engage in the interactive process with disabled employees and applicants. CoreHR Team can facilitate the interactive process to assist in the evaluation and implementation of available reasonable accommodation options. This includes documenting communications with the disabled individual, identifying essential functions of the job, evaluating which functions the individual can and cannot perform, and evaluating and researching accommodations ideas provided by both the employer and the individual. CoreHR Team will provide the employer and/or their legal counsel a summary of the findings of fact and recommendations.

Dispute Resolution

CoreHR Team’s experts are available to act as an informal decision maker for employee/employer disputes. In this capacity, our experts will review facts, evaluate testimony and render an opinion.

Managing Leaves of Absences

folder with stethoscope

  • Identifying leaves
  • Tracking leaves
  • Communication with employee
  • Mitigation of risks when determining return to work of employee

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Risk Assessment
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HR & Legal Compliance Training
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Workplace Investigations
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