On-Demand HR Support & HR Mentoring

Let CoreHR Team serve as your ongoing HR advisor to address issues as they arise.

Get Urgent HR Support When You Need ItHR Services on-call

Small issues can become big if not dealt with immediately. Have you ever experienced the following?

  • An employee comes to work appearing to be under the influence. What do you do? Can you send them for a drug screening?
  • It’s brought to your attention that an employee has posted violent comments about co-workers on Facebook. What action can you take? What are your responsibilities towards the co-workers?

Handle HR Issues Correctly From the Beginning

Taking the right first steps helps avoid unforeseen complications down the road.

  • An employee requests a medical leave of absence. What forms need to be completed? How much leave time do you provide? Doing the right thing puts your company in the best position to minimize risk.
  • Your company is downsizing. What criteria do you use to decide who stays and who goes? These decisions can have legal consequences.


Common examples of HR matters and workforce issues include:

  • Support on any HR projects identified in the HR Assessment
  • Managing a leave of absence (i.e., pregnancy leave, how to review the doctor’s note, how to communicate with the employee, how to handle a situation where the employee doesn’t return as expected)
  • Interactive process (i.e., what are the employers obligations, how to communicate with the employee, how to choose and implement the accommodation)
  • Discipline questions
  • Support of termination
  • Implementation and preparation of new required policies (i.e., 2015 sick leave)

Mentoring & On-the-Job Training for HR Staff

Oftentimes employees who are tasked with handling the HR functions for a company lack formal HR training and HR knowledge.  Our team of experienced HR mentors will provide the on-the-job training to help the employee succeed.  We will meet with the employee at your place of business and work with them one-on-one to give them the skills and knowledge needed to be successful and ultimately to help reduce the risk of unintentional, but costly HR mistakes.

The length of the mentoring relationship depends on the knowledge and experience base of your employee.  CoreHR Team takes the employee through the life-cycle of employment to teach them the fundamental responsibilities and functions of HR. We also work with the employee on any current workplace issues (i.e., a pregnant employee, discipline issue).  We believe that learning on-the-job from experienced HR professionals is the best way to provide your employee with the skills they need.

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Our services include:

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On-Demand HR Support
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