For Our Legal Partners

Fresno Human Resources Referral Services for Law Firms

Establish a partnership with CoreHR Team. We provide human resources services for law firms that can support your clients on their HR matters that may represent a potential conflict of interest and allow you to focus on more profitable matters.

Workplace InvestigationsClientGraphic

With over 40 years of combined practical and employment litigation experience, our experts know what a comprehensive and defensible investigation entails. CoreHR Team will:

  • Conduct on-site interviews of the complainant, accused, and related witnesses
  • Review and analyze relevant documents and evidence
  • Prepare and document findings
  • Present recommendations and conclusions

Other Services Available to Your Clients

We develop and review handbooks, assist with managing leaves of absence, advise on reasonable accommodations, facilitate the interactive process and much more.

Expert WDiscriminationGavelitness

CoreHR Team is also available to serve as an expert witness and provide testimony as needed in cases related to HR matters.

Our services include:

Risk Assessment
On-Demand HR Support
HR & Legal Compliance Training
ADA & Leave Compliance
Workplace Investigations
For Law Firms