1. Annual Legal Updates – Overview of new employment-related laws and how they will impact California businesses.
  2. HR 101 Employment Law Basics –  The “must know” laws and regulations relating to HR.  The course (or courses) would start with recruitment and selection and cover the basics through termination (hiring, wage/hour, policies and procedures, etc.).
  3. Managing Leaves of Absences – Covers best practices for managing legally required leaves (medical, FMLA, pregnancy, workers’ compensation, disability) and tips on how best to communicate with employees who are on a leave of absence.
  4. Termination and Discipline Pitfalls – Reducing an employer’s risk when disciplining and terminating employees. Covering the laws and regulations relating to termination and discipline, required and suggested paper trail/forms, how to spot a “red flag” when making discipline and termination decisions (i.e., recent workers’ comp claim, sexual harassment complaint, member of a protected class).
  5. Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace – Best practices for handling employee relations with difficult employees, customers and vendors.
  6. Workplace Investigations Basics – Outlines the do’s and don’ts of investigating workplace complaints (i.e., documentation, interviewing witnesses, preparing recommendations and summaries and reaching a conclusion).
  7. Social Media: Employer Pitfalls – Reviews federal and state social media laws and employer limitations.  Help businesses identify social media policy parameters for their specific business situation.

Additional topics available upon request.