Risk Assessment Services

Our simple yet comprehensive assessment of your current workforce policies, practices and procedures allows CoreHR Team to identify your HR needs as well as potential opportunities to improve workforce effectiveness. Partnering with you, we prioritize actions that can be taken to maximize your human capital and achieve legal compliance.

What You Can ExpectExpertAdviceGear

Depending on your needs, the scope of the assessment can encompass all aspects of the HR function, or target a particular area of concern or interest. The assessment process involves an initial discussion with clients based on the lifecycle of employment. This is followed by a more detailed review of areas identified as potentially high risk or high opportunity.  We provide an analysis of the results, including:

  • A prioritized list of your organization’s needs
  • Recommendations for issue mitigation
  • How to capitalize on identified opportunities
  • An action plan to successfully implement the recommendations

Sample Assessment Areas

  • Recruitment and selection
    • Job applications and posting
    • Interviewing
  • New hire paperwork
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Employee handbook
    • California sick leave
  • Wage & Hour
    • Classification of exempt vs non-exempt jobs
    • Meal & rest periods
    • Overtime
  • Employment Records
    • I-9s
    • Medical records
    • What should be in the file?
  • Leaves of Absences
    • Prohibited attendance policies
  • Training and Development
    • Sexual harassment compliance
  • Discipline/Termination

Our services include:

Risk Assessment
On-Demand HR Support
HR & Legal Compliance Training
ADA & Leave Compliance
Workplace Investigations
For Law Firms