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The law requires that every employee harassment and discrimination complaint be investigated. Failing to conduct defensible workplace investigations can be detrimental to your business.


A Neutral Third PartyWatchGear

In the event of an employment dispute, every action taken by the employer can appear to be shrouded by bias and doubt. Employees and juries alike view outsiders as less likely to be influenced by employer bias. Using an experienced third party introduces neutrality, providing a solid anchor to an employer’s defense.

Why Choose CoreHR Team?

Judges and juries aren’t easily fooled. Neutrality only works if the third party is truly neutral. This means that employers must allow the outside party to work independently and without the employer’s influence. This requires a great deal of trust and confidence in who an employer hires as the third party neutral.

CoreHR Team knows both HR and employment law. With over 40 years of combined practical and employment litigation experience, employers can trust our subject matter experts to reduce their legal exposure. This differentiates us from the competition.

We have both attorney and non-attorney qualified local experts on our Team.

CoreHR Team will:

Conduct the Investigation

  • Interview the complainant, accused, and related witnesses
  • Summarize interview statements
  • Review relevant documents and other evidence

Create Litigation Ready Summaries and Recommendations

  • Investigation reportNotebook-on-table
  • Summary of facts
  • Carefully chosen words and summaries

Present Recommendations and Conclusions

  • Unbiased presentation of facts and summaries
  • Evaluate and discuss possible outcomes

Assist with preparation of final decision to provide to complainant and accused

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Risk Assessment
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Workplace Investigations
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